This engine is a Harley-Davidson® twin cam balanced 88ci.
It produces 82 hp with 92 ft lb. of torque in our configuration.
The 95ci. is 102 hp with 111 ft. lb. of torque.
The weight of the engine package ready to install is 204 lb.
That includes ignition, oil tank, short exhaust pipes, starter, carb & air cleaner, with our complete prop drive system ready to mount your prop.

We can supply you with an engine or you can use your own. Our drive system will work with most "V" twin style motors. Such as S&S, Revtech etc. As well as our new 148hp. 180lb. Sky Ray 4 valve hemi engine.

Pictures coming soon!

The prop drive is available on it's own. Or you can order a complete engine package.

Harley-Davidson ® engines were not developed
and have not been tested or approved for use in aircraft.
Harley-Davidson Motor company disclaims any and all responsibility
for damage or injury arising from use of its engines in these or any aircraft.
By using this engine in an aircraft you agree to hold Harley-Davidson®
and or Ray Air harmless in the event of accident or death.






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